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The Why? the How? and the What?

Mission (Why)

Mountain & Sea Sports (山海運動) strives to provide quality, professional, and educational experiences in adventure sports and the outdoors.

  • Quality is an active state of striving towards excellence.

  • Professional is demonstrating expertise, skill, and care in the work and services being provided. It manifests itself in our attitudes, behaviors, and actions.

  • Educational experiences utilize challenge and support to develop skills and knowledge to pursue personal goals.

Purpose (Why-How)

Physical and social activities in outdoor and austere environments provide opportunities for health, well being, self-confidence and esteem, connections with others, and connections with the natural world. Adventure sport is inclusive, and it provides multiple levels of engagement. Individuals can choose to pursue an adventure sport for enjoyment, exploration, and performance. There are opportunities for novices and competent athletes to engage in dynamic and challenging activities. Mountain & Sea Sports (山海運動) values the diversity of adventure sport and the benefits it provides for individuals.

Process (How)

Mountain & Sea Sports (山海運動) is centered around you, the learner, with where you’re at and what you want to accomplish. Adventure sport is also not just about the technical skills. Other areas are addressed from identifying and assessing risk, leadership, and minimizing impacts in the outdoors. Providing appropriate challenges are a key aspect to drive learning and motivation, and this is coupled with support to help you manage obstacles and continue to develop. Our main priorities are emphasizing safety, providing enjoyable experiences, and promoting learning and performance.

  • Learner Centered

  • Holistic Approach

  • Challenge & Support

  • Safety, Enjoyable, Learning

People & Product (What)

Mountain & Sea Sports (山海運動) is able to offer a range of guided experiences, trainings, and certifications that bring you from the mountains, to the rivers, and to the sea.

  • Paddlesports Instruction & Certification (SUP, Canoe, Sea Kayak, Whitewater Kayak)

  • Sailing

  • Hiking & Camping

  • Rock Climbing

  • Leave No Trace (Workshops and Trainer Courses)

  • American Red Cross (First-Aid/CPR/Lifeguard)

  • Wilderness Medicine (SOLO Wilderness First-Aid)

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