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Passionate Coach & Educator

I hail from the northeast section of Georgia in the US from a large family. My start was in a small town near the mountains, where I grew up playing in forests and streams. I have lived, studied, and worked across several continents. My wife and I are locating a more permanent location to settle down, but my work and passions still drive me to travel and explore.  

I have always been drawn to outdoor spaces, making connections with others, and delving into complex challenges. Adventure sport and outdoor pursuits have continued to provide me the opportunity to engage in these arduous passions. I have gained so much from these experiences, and I want to provide the opportunity for others.


Mountain & Sea Sports (山海運動) strives to provide quality, professional, and educational experiences in adventure sports and the outdoors. 

  • Quality is an active state of striving towards excellence. 

  • Professional is demonstrating expertise, skill, and care in the work and services being provided. It manifests itself in our attitudes, behaviors, and actions.

  • Educational experiences utilize challenge and support to develop skills and knowledge to pursue personal goals.

Mountain & Sea Sports LLC - Georgia, USA

Mountain & Sea Sports (山海運動) - Hong Kong SAR

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